Saturday, 8 July 2017

Element deletion in abaqus 14.

Hello everyone,
Abaqus has released new version which among other things allows user to delete element even when using abaqus standard. This feature was not present in earlier versions.
This post will help you in understanding how you may use this feature in abaqus now.
It is important to note that this feature requires following things.
  • Defining a control for the element deletion part which enables the element deletion feature, for example  " *SECTION CONTROLS,ELEMENT DELETION=YES,MAX DEGRADATION=0.75,NAME=CONT
  •  You must use UMAT to define the constitutive behavior of the material.In doing so you will also have to define the damage criteria using damage varible D
      where D is 0 when no damage and it becomes 1 then material is fully damaged. 
    • In input file you will also need to define the state variable which will correspond to the damage variable of the element.
      "*Depvar, delete =10
            20, "
      tells that there are total of 20 state variables and if the value of SDV(10) is 1 for integration points of an element then that element is active and if all have value 0 then those element will be removed. 
    • We also need to define output variable "Status" in the input file. 

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